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sorceress_seer's Journal

Sorceress and Seer
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Welcome to sorceress_seer, a community for fans of the sisterly (or not-so-sisterly) relationship between Morgana and Morgause on BBC's Merlin. This is the place for all your Team Morally Ambiguous Evil squee, fic and graphics of the gen or femmeslash variety.

Be polite and civil to your fellow comm members, and avoid flaming or character bashing. One warning and then you're out, folks.

All posts should be about Morgana and Morgause. Do not make off-topic or introductory posts, or post promotional entries without prior permission from a moderator. Off-topic posts will be deleted. Threesome/moresome fics or fics that contains other pairings are acceptable, as long as Morgana and Morgause are reasonably involved.

Place all fanfic and graphics behind an lj-cut. All pics must be posted with a header. Here's an example header, if you don't happen to have one handy:

Always warn for potentially triggering or NSFW content. If you are not sure if the content of your post is triggering, the mods suggest that it is better to be safe than sorry. That said, visitors to the comm should be aware that a fair number of posts will contain references to incest because, well, have you seen this show?

Tag your entries. You can request new tags here.

If you need to contact a mod, either leave a comment here, or PM doylefan22 or shantirosa.



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